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“I am so grateful for the promptness of your response to my call and for putting back your restaurant reservation. You were so kind and thoughtful. The service you provide is invaluable. Your sensitivity and professionalism second to none and I am so thankful to you for putting my horse down with such respect”. Penny
“I felt I had to say a huge thank you to you all for the beautiful service you have provided for me and my beloved Horse. My husband told me how gentle you were when you collected her from the stables and my mum told me of all you had done to make things ‘just right’ when you dropped off his ashes this morning. I had such horrible visions and thoughts of how this whole process would happen but thanks to you that has now been replaced with the knowledge that she was treated with the care and respect this great horse truly deserved. Thank you so much….“ Lucy
“Just a few lines to thank you for your kind & professional service. It helped us at a difficult time that you took the time to make the service you provide feel personalised.” Lesley
“Please accept my thanks for the dignified and professional way you dealt with such an emotional and painful experience”. Kaye
“I would like to thank everyone at Holts for their recent help and assistance with our old boy…. It was a difficult decision to say goodbye, he really had become part of our family, but thanks to your help his departure from this world could not have been arranged any better. I would like to thank you all for the caring and sensitive way in which you gave us some ‘private time’ to have our final goodbye before you took him from the stables, excellent service and thoroughly professional. I would also like to say a very special thank you to the lady who brought his ashes to my office in Hertford, and also for your thoughtful gift for my wife”. Richard & Claire
“I can’t thank you enough for showing such kindness and making what was a difficult day a little easier. Your professionalism and care was also enormously appreciated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you”. Lesley
“Many thanks to the young man that came. It was the second time he has been to my place – always so kind and helpful”. Jane
“Holts came out to do the deed and I have nothing but admiration for these people who come out in most stressful of situations and give the animal and the owner the most calm and peaceful ending. I console myself with the thoughts that he could have had no better treatment anywhere in the country and that his time of suffering was kept as short as possible”. Maureen
“I wanted to thank you for your assistance in this matter. My pony was the joy of my life and I was blessed to share her with me for 21 years of the 34 she lived. Saying goodbye to her was incredibly hard but it was made much easier by your sensitive handling of the whole event”. Penny
“Thank you especially to the kind lady present when my pony was collected. Her kindness and sympathetic nature were appreciated”. Karen
“Thank you for your prompt, efficient service – your son does you great credit in the manner he conducts himself under such awkward conditions. Thank you very much”. Jackie
“I would just like to say a very big thank you to the very kind and gentle man who came to put my horse out of any further pain. He had been suffering from laminitis for 4 years and after making that final decision it was made a lot easier to accept the end with such a nice man”. Diane
“Many thanks for an excellent service provided by your employee” Miss Merrick
“Thank you for your skill and kindness, I am such a wimp! Please give my regards and thanks to Matthew – a son to be proud of, your husband must be so pleased”. Billie
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